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Ok one of my members reported having a Facebook logon issue
Given URL is not permitted by the Application configuration: One or more of the given URLs is not permitted by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains.

I've gone to the developers page and reset the secret question and set the old one to expire straight away. I moved server the other day so it is possible that this was caused by the move.
Right my question is how do I remove the association for a member with Facebook.
This member wants to be able to simply logon the traditional way but their account now is associated with Facebook logon.

Any help would be appriciated :)
Do you get that error trying to associate your account with Facebook? Do you have multiple domains that you can access your site through? (What about www vs without or http vs https?)
I've not been able to replicate the error. It was a member who tried to log in through the Facebook App. I did move server recently so I have taken the view that it could have something to do with that. So I changed the secret question to force an app refresh.
There are no subdomains or parked domains. Yet we do have a sister website with the same domain name but it is a .co.uk rather than top .com
Now in the absence of any errors and the fact that no other member has mentioned log in issues, I'm wondering if they simply tried to log in to the wrong website.... It's more than feasable given the age group of most of my members ;)
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