Facebook/Twitter Integration

I'm running a very active vB 3.8.x forum (Theads: 1,234,270, Posts: 18,691,123, Members: 277,754 and 2.8-3.0 Tb of bandwidth each month) that also has a thriving Facebook community. I need to upgrade to something, vB4 or Xenforo, because vB 3.8.x is beyond long in the tooth.

I'd like to be able to allow the Facebook members to log in to the forum and the forum members to be able to share posts to FB if possible.
Does Xenforo offer anything like that either included or as a modification?

Also how difficult is porting a large vB forum to Xenforo?



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There is a built in importer for VB 3.x.
Many customers have used it successfully.

Log in via Facebook, Google, and Twitter is possible.

Sharing individual posts to various locations is possible in XF1, but in XF2 only threads can be shared.
Cool, thanks!

So far Xenforo is pretty far ahead on points. ;)

I know this is a loaded question and may not be able to be answered but do you know which is lighter on server resources for large forums?

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