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On my blog, I've had a Facebook like button that is connected to my Facebook fan page. I keep it on the side bar in addition to having a like button for each post. My blog can be viewed here: http://backcountrypost.com

Notice how if someone clicks the like button in the sidebar, it adds a like to the Fan Page on Facebook at http://facebook.com/backcountrypost

On the associated forum I am putting together, I would like that same Fan Page like button from my blog side bar to occupy the "Share this page" box on the forum side bar in Xenforo. I found the code making it tick and it is very similar to the code i used on my blog page. The only real difference is that the blog code called a script from Facebook and the xenforo code has a bunch of xenforo code around it that I don't understand. Can anyone help with this? I'd happily give up the tweet and +1 button on the front page side bar if I could just duplicate what I have in the sidebar on my blog.

Forum site: http://backcountrypost.com/forum/

Thank you!

Jake Bunce

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You likely just need to paste your code into this template:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> sidebar_share_page

You can replace the existing facebook code in there if you want to replace the existing button.


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Thank you! I was doing it in the share_page! No wonder it wasn't working. For anyone else that might run into this, all I had to do was change the URL to the one for the Fan Page then apply a width so it would stay in the sidebar.