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XF 1.1 Facebook thumbnail with embedded video


Active member
I know this probably isn't a XenForo issue but rather a Facebook one but hopefully someone has an idea how to fix this.

I have a thread that is getting quite a bit of attention that I would like to make sure Facebook is posting a decent thumbnail for. It is an embedded vimeo video with no other images in the post so I added a thumbnail from the video so that FB would grab it as the image.

The problem is that FB grabs that image if I link to any post in the thread OTHER than the first post or the main thread link.


If I post this to FB, it posts the thumbnail:

But if I post the main thread URL, it posts no thumbnail.

Same problem if someone clicks the Facebook Like button.

Any ideas on how to fix this, even if it's just a one time fix for this particular thread?


Active member
I already changed some code so that FB would let the user select any thumbnail from the post (I don't recall what I changed). Just confused why it won't give the option in this case.