XF 1.5 Facebook Share Button Refreshing Page Constantly

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As far as I know, the only change I made since this began was to add SumoMe popup subscribe code to "Page Container" template:

<script src="//load.sumome.com/" data-sumo-site-id="e604210065cfd600733bd600b8093d0097feb00085d8100082efab0010f26600" async="async"></script>

But I have since removed this code and refreshed, and its still happening.

The page keeps "reloading" (doesnt go blank, you just see the spinning wheel at the top repeatedly). When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the facebook share button disappearing, and reappearing over and over. So basically its the share button that is refreshing itself.

This just randomly started overnight.
It only happens on thread pages from what I can see.
It seems to stop if I am logged out - see the refreshing - then log in and the thread page reloads with me logged in.
But as soon as I navigate (while still logged in) to another thread, the refreshing begins again.

EDIT: After several refreshes it seems to stop (after about a minute of refreshing constantly). This is consistent behavior after several tests.

Sample thread: https://www.hairlosstalk.com/intera...ir-loss-clinical-trial-to-begin.99709/page-10

When its still refreshing you can see "Waiting for facebook" in a little browser popup tag lower left of firefox browser window. Happens in chrome also


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As usual, it's worth confirming on the default style as that may be relevant. I can see it happen as a guest.

Also what specific version are you running?


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We just did a full upgrade of XF and UI.X theme three days ago so:

XenForo 1.5.10

I dont think it was happening before I put this SumoMe code in. Do I need to 'clear cache' in the XenForo admin or anything after removing it?


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@Mike Creuzer - we did the theme upgrade with your latest (circa 1 day ago) update and it seems to have fixed it in Chrome but its still happening in firefox.

EDIT: developer says its still happening in Chrome desktop sometimes when he refreshes. He feels its "conflict with Audentio javascript" .

EDIT 2: "without Post Navigation of UIX. looks like the issue is gone now." - developer
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Thanks guys for reporting the bug. As usual feel free to post it in a ticket or UI.X thread as to keep things orderly, though I know bugs like this are hard to track down.

I've added this to Trello. @RoldanLT very useful, will start with that. Could just be a frame rate issue.


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@Mike Creuzer - opened a ticket simultaneously and received a note that you'd added it to the "to do" list.

We've got this option disabled for now. Is this something that will need to wait for another upgrade in weeks/months?
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