XF 1.5 Facebook Login Setup vs Facebook Join using Facebook Info

We have xenforo 1.5 installed on are server now and were currently running test. We imported the vb 4.x data with out any problems, today I was able to get the Facebook Login Setup and working. But now I'm trying to setup up Facebook as way for new members to join the site.

Can anyone help point me to a thread or resource so New Members can join the site using Facebook?


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If Facebook log in is set up and working, then that's all that is required - new members will be able to register via FB.
Ok, took me awhile to get it working, but that because Facebook has change the layout on there page.

I was able to sign in using the Facebook Tab, but since my email address on the forum is the same as my facebook account I had to Associate the account together. But from the way it look everything work fine. It let me login using the Facebook Button.

Now if I can get Twitter and Google to work I'll be happy. Thanks Brogan
Signup with Twitter is now working as well. next google, I have one questions its working on my forum But when I use the Test OAuth on Twitter Application Management I get the following message. (Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!) But like I said everything work on the site ok.
I just did a complete Join using Twitter and everything work fine even placed my Twitter profile image as my avatar and all my twitter info as well.