XF 1.3 Facebook integration


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Hi All,

I have followed all the instructions at http://xenforo.com/help/facebook/ and set up FB integration. When I hit 'Log in with Facebook' it takes you through the process ok but it takes you back to my website's homepage instead of the page where it asks you 'Create New Account' or 'Associate Existing Account' - only if I click 'Log in with Facebook' again does it take me to 'Create New Account' or 'Associate Existing Account' page. I have entered my board URL in the App settings as (example) http://www.website.com/

I have tried FB log in on the XF site and it always correctly takes you to the 'Create New Account' or 'Associate Existing Account' page

What is going wrong?



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I couldn't reproduce this on your site. I had no problems associating with Facebook and it took me directly the expected page in each of my tests.