XF 1.2 Facebook Integration

Hello, and thank you for trying to assist me.

I created a Facebook page for my website, under my Facebook account. I integrated Facebook successfully with my website. I do not mind having my website associated with my Facebook page, but I do not like that if I like a thread on my website, it says Recommended by "My Full Name", with my Facebook profile picture. Is there a way to not show my name and my picture?
Ok, I believe that only I see my full name and picture profile, as my friend logged in and said he did not see it.mcan anyone confirm this? Thank you.


XenForo developer
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This is simply how Facebook liking works - it shows which of your friends liked the page/site in question.
Thank you Mike. So only friends of mine on Facebook who are also members of my website see my information, but non Facebook friends are not privy to this information. That is fine. Thanks again. :)