XF 1.5 Facebook integration, how to make likes to go to my FB page?


Hi dear,

SOrry for the stupid question.

I have read instructions regarding facebook integration, but it doesn't work, I think it is not what I want.
I have a "like" button on my facebook, but when I do like,likes are not reaching the page on FB belonging to the forum.
It makes sense,since following all instructions of facebook integration it never asked me the FB page I want to link with the APP ID.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.


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FB integration does not extend to liking your page.
It just allows members to register and log in via FB.

Sharing content using the links at the bottom of thread, just posts them to your personal wall/profile.


Hi Mouth, you can see in my forum I have a like button (i bought the forum done by a xenforo user).
Should not such button make a like to my FB page? I understand the integration is not for that but so how that button works then?

Thank you