Facebook group to Xenforo

Hi Team
I have a large transition to make.
I am in the health and fitness industry and currently have 15k members in a Facebook group that i will be trying got convert to this software. It will be a private paid membership only.

My only concern is that Facebook has some really great functions, i.e.: notifications on a post, bumping of posts eg... and concerned that my target market 19-40year female will not want to part with it :)

Can anyone share with me info on how xenForo works in this fashion? Video demos or something.



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@Brett_Campbell (tagged to demonstrate notifications), there are no direct transitions from Facebook -> XenForo that can maintain users and posts from Facebook. If there is any sort of transition method, I imagine it to be slightly difficult based on the fact that you have no membership from the previous site.

There is no method of bumping posts in XenForo, and that would require an add-on or custom development.