XF 2.1 Facebook does not display a preview of the URL


When I publish the URL*, the preview is not displayed, it only displays the title.
When editing, it displays everything correct, image, description and title.
* URL Is a page on the Resource.

I think it happened after I updated Xenforo (a few months ago), just last week, I made the publication I noticed.
How can I get around this? unfortunately I can't update.

On Facebook Debug shows where the errors are, but it also displays the preview correctly, controversial.

v2.1.10 Patch 2
Resource Manager 2.1.6


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It's worth mentioning that the og:image bit in your screenshot is a warning rather than an explicit error. Without it, Facebook can decide through their own algorithms how to handle it. It may even be handled inconsistently within Facebook's code.

To force an og:image to be present in the page you need to use the "Metadata Logo URL" style property. This will be used on pages throughout your forum.