Facebook conversion!?!

Hello everyone,

I am sure this has been brought up, but I am curious if any new methods have been successful.

I have 91k reach right now on my facebook page. I have 1,500 likes and climbing daily. My issue is getting all of these people to register on the forum. I started January of this year and had some down time and I sit at 530 members. I run giveaways and continually create new material for the members. I also create status material with call to action links for the facebook folks to follow. I have even setup a guest area with an instructional video on how to quickly register and a F.A.Q. thread.

I honestly am doing a hell of a job for facebook lol, but its barely helping my actual forum.

Any suggestions on what I should do. Thanks for your time and any help is greatly appreciated,

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Chris D

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<shameless plug> I have a couple of add-ons (paid) which may help. Both are in the process of being improved further too.

One add-on is the Friend Inviter which has the ability to allow your members to invite the contacts in their Google or Facebook accounts to your site. They log in to their accounts, your server loads their contacts, then the member selects which one they send a customisable message to.

This add-on is shortly going to be re-written as the Facebook part of it needs improvement. It currently posts the messages direct to their friend's timeline which I have since learned isn't supported by Facebook. The next implementation of it will be like the invite system at Pinterest... Essentially the next version will load a box similar to this:

Next, I am currently working on improving my Social Status Updater. This allows your users to connect their XenForo accounts to their Facebook or Twitter accounts so that when they post a XenForo status update, it is also automatically posted to their Facebook timeline or Tweeted.

The next version of this will be released later on today which contains some bug fixes and a completely rewritten method that is more widely supported by Facebook.

I plan in a future version as well to allow user's to automatically post their XenForo trophies and the ability to post to Facebook and Tweet when a user creates a new thread/post. </shameless plug>


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Already suggested him to add that Facebook Inviter add-on but give him 2 months he will come around and get it lol !
<shameless plug> I have a couple of add-ons (paid) which may help.
I like the route your going and it's pretty cool.

But i'm also looking for a solution to get the people that are lurking on my facebook page to join the forum.
It's been a very slow conversion process and I have read several articles on the best ways to convert facebook fans over to a forum. But unfortunately I
still seem to be doing something wrong.

Is it just me lol?

Does anyone have any success with pulling fb fans over to their forum?