XF 1.3 facebook conversion-tracking pixel

Now I want to advertise on Facebook and I have to verify the conversion-tracking pixel by adding the provided code to track the action which I chose to be registration.

It says:

Copy and paste the following code between <head> and </head> on the page of your website you want to track actions. For example, to track registrations, place the code on your 'registration completed' web page.

but I'm not able to do this I have added the code to
and added a condition
<xen:if is="{$contentTemplate} == 'register_process'">
the code here
but the code can't be verified..

is there anything else I should do?
or is there anything that I'm doing wrong here?


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If you register and view the page source, can you see the code there? Also, look at the <div id="content"> entry as that will show you the value of the $contentTemplate variable, but it should be what you expect.