Design issue  Facebook Associated account - can't change the account


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I appreciate this isn't going to happen too often, but it could do. I have a couple of accounts on my forum (I migrated from vB), one of which is the same email address as my FB account and one that's not. When I first choose to login with FB, it defaults to the one that matches the email address, rather than offering me a choice, but defaulting to that account.

It really should default to the existing user with the same email address but let me override it if required.

I know most boards don't allow multiple registrations and as I said, its not going to be a common occurrence, but for Admins it may well happen more often because we sometimes have a few accounts setup for doing different things.


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This is really a technical requirement. If you want to associate with a different account, then you can of course change the emails around.


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Yeah, that's what I did in the end, simple if you're the admin ;)

Although its worth pointing out, if I do the association before I run the import, it works perfectly fine as its associated with the user ID 1 (the admin of the new forum), before the old forum is imported in.