XF 1.5 Extra.css and CMS options?

Brad Padgett

Well-known member
Hey guys.

I have a couple beginner questions.

For editing your forum with css for vBulletin 5 we use css_additional.css

Is Extra.css the equivalent or same thing as that?

Most forums have that one css file that you use to edit the forum is what I mean. Instead of editing all the templates you can just edit this one file. I just want to know if Extra.css is the correct file for that.

My last question is about CMS articles. Does Xenforo have an option for homepage news articles or does this have to be purchased as an add-on somewhere?

I have seen many forums where users post their news in a thread and then the thread is moved to the homepage. I need something like this.

Thanks. I will check back.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Yes, EXTRA.css is likely the closest equivalent. It's an empty template that is loaded on every page.

There's nothing built in to XF for a front page / news / articles system.

There are various featured thread / portal / article systems that can achieve this.