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Greetings everyone!

I've had this idea for a few months now, and finally decided to post about it here and see what happens.

Note regarding payment: While I do want to pay someone to develop this add-on, I have no idea what it would cost, nor do I currently have the money to spare. But if I can get an estimated price for making this add-on I will at least know what I should set aside money for until I can pay for it.
I don't expect anyone picking up this project because of how much work it would be to make, and the quality requirements I set to it, so consider this more of a "How much would this cost to get made?"

Short Description:
YouTube has been having a lot of trouble with subscriptions getting removed, videos now showing up for subscribers etc. which made quite a few of my friends as well as myself want a better solution for our subscribers.

Feature requirements:

  • Every functionality should have their respective permissions so that they can be limited to ranks/groups as needed
  • Each feature should be themed and fit well with the default Xenforo theme.
  • Video Gallery
    • A new page tab which contains:
      • Newest videos, the amount should be adjustable by admin
      • Most popular videos (based on a combination of youtube views, likes, favorites and views on the video page in the gallery), amount should be adjustable by admin
      • Gallery category list, with newest video in each category used for thumbnail, paginated and adjustable amount per page by admin
    • Each category should show all the videos assigned to that category in order of newest on top and oldest at the bottom, but the sorting should be changeable by the users, sorting options should include:
      • Date uploaded
      • Views
      • Likes
      • Dislikes
      • Favorites
      • Comments
    • The entire gallery should be searchable, with options to "search this category" when viewing a category (just like we have "search this thread")
    • Clicking on a video in a category should take you to a page with the video embedded.
  • Videos
    • Ability to add individual videos, descriptions, tags, dates are imported from youtube (basically the video date should be used instead of the date it was added to the gallery)
    • A user can edit the tags, description and other video settings of their own videos once they've linked their youtube account to their forum account (more info on that below)
    • Ability to have videos added automatically via RSS feeds, channel names or similar (IF POSSIBLE: youtube searches and/or tags), with requirement to choose a category (or create one) for the videos to be added to
    • Video size should be adjustable by admin to fit their theme
    • User setting: default video quality, this should set the quality of playback for the videos for each user, admin has setting for the default setting, but each user should be able to choose their own (so those who want highest quality can get it)
    • Comments per video, if a user has linked their youtube account they can also moderate comments on their video. (More info below)
    • Only videos added to categories by users with the permissions to do so, will get video pages.
  • Comments
    • Ability for nested comments (like on youtube), but should be a setting in admin in case the site theme can't handle it or admin doesn't want it.
    • Youtube comments should not be included, as they are generally of lower quality than those found in communities with their own forums etc.
    • If a video poster has linked their youtube account successfully to their XenForo account and it has been confirmed, they can moderate comments on their video, this should include:
      • Blocking a user from commenting on this video
      • Blocking a user from commenting on all their videos
      • Marking comment as spam (will hide it for normal users, and be collapsed for those with moderating powers)
      • Delete a comment (optionally with a reason)
      • + all the usual moderating abilities
  • Users
    • It should be possible for a user to link their youtube account to their xenforo account, using the official youtube API this should hopefully also ensure that they cannot link to a youtube account they do not actually own.
    • Once linked, their profile should have a new tab called "My videos" (or similar) if their youtube account has any, this should be a very simple list with small thumbnail, title, comment count, likes and dislikes, very compact and simple, clicking a video should take you to the youtube page with it. (these videos should not show up on the gallery unless a user with the permission marks it for such)
    • If given the correct permission, a user can be marked as a "creator", allowing them to customize their "My videos" page (more on that below). A user can only be marked as such if they have linked their youtube account to their xenforo account.
    • With permission, a user can mark a video for inclusion in the gallery, this will then require them to select the category (access to adding videos to each category has their own permissions, so a user only has access to the galleries they have permission to)
    • If a user has videos that have been included in the gallery in whichever way, and has access to moderate the comments on them, the user will be able to assign "helper" users that can help moderate the comments, these users will only get the moderating powers on the videos that their "creator" added and has access to moderate. The amount of "helpers" should be defined in admin to a default number, but admins can set the amount on a per-user and per-group basis as well (so that if someone is REALLY popular they can get more helpers if needed)
  • "My videos" profile tab-page
    • By default this should be a compact and simple list, accessible via a tab on the users profile, if people want it as a link elsewhere that a user posts etc. it should be doable via theming and thus not included by default. The simple list should contain this:
      • Video thumbnail (although small, same height as profile comment user pictures)
      • Video title (bold, on it's own line)
      • Comments, Likes/Dislikes (on the same line, below title, comments should link to the video comment page)
    • If a user is marked as a "creator", they will be able to customize the following:
      • Page/tab title, so they can get rid of "My videos" if they want, the title and tab should be changeable individually, so they can have different text for both
      • Theme colors (only for the "my videos" page on their profile as well as their video pages themselves) the colors should just be those also available to admins in the controlpanel, but have a "preview" functionality so that they can test stuff out.
      • Create their own categories, these categories are not for the Gallery mentioned earlier, but will only show on this users "My videos" page.
      • Layout, they should be able to choose from several layouts, each layout is added by an admin (how this is done is up to the developer)
        • the layout should be for the entire page, this includes everything from header, sidebar, footer etc. since the admin is the one having to add layouts they should have full customization in doing so
      • Ability to add their own advertising tags to it (as a separate permission, it is expected that users given this permission know how to properly customize the ad codes so that banners etc. have the correct size) - these ads will show up on their "my videos" page as well as their individual video pages, the placements are defined by the layout
      • Ability to add custom images where the layout allows it (most commonly just a background image, but I can imagine some layouts also allowing for customizing a header image or more)
      • Ability to move stuff around, a good comparison would be how XenPorta does it
      • Ability to change the layout of the video list box, as well as select how many are shown per page (with a reasonable limit, so they can't show all their videos), this includes bigger thumbnails, a "shortened" version of the video description etc. (kind of similar to how youtube does it on their new frontpage), again these layouts should be added by an admin, just like with the page layouts
More features might get added over time, or current descriptions get more fleshed out and better described.
So basically, this is a very big add-on, and it also requires theming done for the default look, if you think you can handle it, please let me know how long you would estimate it would take as well as an estimated price for the entire project.
Again, estimates, since features might change, get removed, or new added once progress gets done on the add-on, estimates will change.
Thanks in advance for showing interest in this, if you need me to explain any of the features in more detail please let me know.

Dion Sune Jensen

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Doesn't look like this will get done, none of the people I've tried contacting about a price for development have responded, and as you can see, neither has anyone to this thread.


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Would be nice if we had a xenporta block that would display a youtube channels most recent vids.
@Jaxel 's XenMedio and @Chris D 's XMG both have at least some of this functionality and I believe both offer XenPorta blocks. You should check them out. They might not be exactly what you're looking for of course but they're at least similar.


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@Jaxel 's XenMedio and @Chris D 's XMG both have at least some of this functionality and I believe both offer XenPorta blocks. You should check them out. They might not be exactly what you're looking for of course but they're at least similar.
Yeah those are nice but I'm simply looking for a block that shows a few of the most recent vids in a channel with thumnails in a xenporta block. Those addons are a big deal just for that little functionality.