Implemented Extending native search - For custom addons


Does the present code make the possibility of extending the native search possible? Since you guys are not bringing out the cms or other related addons right now(and rightfully so :)) i hope you still have left hooks or methods to extend search for people who would want to code their own addons (say an article directory)

One of the only things i like about vbulletin 4 is the ability to allow creation of new content types via custom code and to allow them to be indexed by the default search. Its solved one of the biggest issues we had on our site of giving visibility to parts of the forum that were earlier not searchable.

If you do have the hooks prebuilt, great :) Please do consider a basic api documentation also.


And on this topic, it would be nice to have the ability via an api to push custom "alerts" generated by modifications into the global newsfeed.


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The concept of "content types" and generic handlers that hand off bits of functionality to a content-type-aware handler is at the core of a lot of the systems we have.