XF 1.1 Extended Trophies System into XP-like Interface



So I'm trying to extend my current trophy system act more like an experience point based system. I figured that the best way to do this is to use Trophy Points and Trophy User Titles to portray user levels.

So currently we have moved the User CP module from the main sidebar into our header for users who're logged in. Like so:

This displays the users Trophy Points, which we plan to always display as 'XP'.

I want to set up the criteria to give a user a trophy point for set interactions with the site, so for each message, a user receives one Trophy Point, whilst not displaying a notification for earning a trophy, or having to create one trophy for that message count in the Trophies in ACP. Then again for when a user receives a like. I also use Resources plugin, and I'd possibly like to use a hook into this. I have had a look at this Extended User Criteria tutorial for trophies.

What would be the best way to approach this?

My site is http://www.toomuchminecraft.com you can log into the user: test password: abc123



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The way you are looking to use the trophy system wouldn't work. The trophy system is designed to award a trophy once and always alert the user. You may want to commission an actual experience based add-on for your forum.


@King Kovifor Do you know of any? Had a look around and this is the solution I came up with after not finding any.

Although all would work in theory right? If there was a way to grant a user 1 Trophy Point per post/like, without awarding a trophy?