XF 2.2 Extended Markdown Support


Hi all,

Coming back to XenForo for the first time since version 1 and there are a whole lot of changes! One I'm really happy to see included is support for Markdown, but it feels rather limited in my mind.

I would like to extend this, even if that means shutting down the internal Markdown parser and replacing it with my own, which would give me the most control over it. Naturally the best place to start here is going to be a plugin. While I'm familiar with PHP, I am not too familiar with XenForo's plugin classes. I did find a plugin from banxix that disables Markdown entirely which gives me a bit of a hint of how to handle this, but disabling existing functionality vs implementing new functionality is of course a lot different.

Could someone point me towards the types I would want to extend and any gotchas to keep an eye on? Also, how extensible is the built-in markdown system? If I for instance wanted to add github-style to-do lists, how easy would that be to implement in the existing system? Or would I need to just disable what's there and write my own?

(For those who don't know what I'm referring to, here's a github to-do list)
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
* [ ] This item would appear unchecked
* [x] This item would appear checked