Lack of interest Extend Template Modification System to allow "per style" modifications


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Because not all styles and templates are created equally!

Some template edits don't work on my style so I have to manually add in new edits, which can get quite confusing.

Template edits could use inheritance, much like styles inherit from the master. If I can see that X edit isnt being applied to X theme, then I can override the template edit, much as I can override a template at the style level.

I think this would be a useful addition. @Waindigo, @Mike Creuzer? Does this make sense?

Mike Creuzer

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I think this could make sense, but the thing is that a lot of themes, by the nature of HTML for example, require massive edits. For example, for UI.X, we had to make a lot of edits to the navigation templates because the default theme does not behave in a, I guess what you could call markup object-oriented style, so we made it such and now the control UI.X users have on their navigation is pretty much endless. If this was done with a modification, I could see how this would cause more conflict.

To me, the ideal solution might be using a framework interface kit like Foundation or (even though I disagree) bootstrap. That way there is a standard markup procedure. I have my own interface kit that I wouldn't mind discussing with XenForo about.
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