XF 2.2 active child style doesnt affect template modification


hello, i have 2 forums on both i have similar setup and styles

on a first site i have correct template modificatons applied by all styles
for example page_container hav all three modifiations

but on a second forum on exact same setup of styles , the last one (uix material child) is missing

i tried to swith on and off, rebuild caches - not all of this helped,
how this can be fixed and what am i doing wrong?

ps styles on a frontend working correct and exact same way


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Has the child style been modified

Do both sites have the same add-ons?
Other template modifications may be involved.

Other than that, impossible to say without being able to look at the templates, etc.

The set up seems confusing too - a framework, then child, then another framework, and another child.