Lack of interest Export style with parent (not independent)

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One nice change I could see rather useful is the ability to export child styles with just their direct parent. I'm aware of the export as independent but that will export with all parents combined. My idea:

  • Framework (Main parent)
    • Style 1 (Child of Framework)
      • Dark Style 1 ( Child of Style 1)

You'd have an option on Dark Style 1 to export as that + Style 1 which would still be a working child style of the Framework. This could help development times on alternate styles and avoid having setups like:

  • Framework
    • Style 1
      • Users Custom style 1
      • Dark Style 1
        • Users custom dark style 1
Or it could also avoid developing a light + dark combo of a style and having to make edits on each if you treat them both as the main child of the "Framework".
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