XF 1.5 Expired User Upgrades Vanishing

Exactly what the title says, ive noticed 2 expired upgrades have vanished from my logs, they appear when they are active but as soon as they expire they do not go into the expired slot. This has not happened to all of the upgrades just a few. i do not believe it is version specific as it happened when i was running 1.4 as well

i know im not seeing things as i still have the paypal payment stating it was there

any suggestions?


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Are you saying that after an upgrade expires, you don't see it on the "list expired upgrades" page? I don't really see any reason for that to happen, unless there was already a record expired for that ID, which really shouldn't happen (though I suppose there is a theoretical case where it could happen).

Do you have any add-ons that relate to user upgrades? (Or have you installed any in the past that you've since removed?)

Are there any expired upgrades listed?
This is exactly what i'. saying yes 'Are you saying that after an upgrade expires, you don't see it on the "list expired upgrades" page?' and yeah i have some expired upgrades in the list. i dont have any user upgrade addons no, never needed to use one expect the xf default one @Mike
right ive looked through the user upgrade logs... and well the actual users who purchased the upgrades are not there but i matched up the purchase dates from paypal to the logs and if i click on those correct dated logs and read what it says it actually shows the correct username in the details who purchased it but states a different username on the main log. Its difficult to show you without screen capping this info but its obviously private info i dont wish to share public
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Can you submit a ticket with ACP access details please? It won't be possible to restore the previous entries, but I might be able to see if the problem I think is happening is indeed the cause.