Not a bug ExecuteUpgradeQuery not used?

Affected version
2.0 RC3


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1010031-110b1.php, line 138, why doesn't this code use executeUpgradeQuery?

Underlying reason, I have to hook into executeUpgradeQuery to extract queries and run them manually on each Galera cluster node, to not hang the whole cluster.

More of those in the same file.

        // new conversation attachment permissions: insert for mods and admins only by default
            INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_permission_entry
                (user_group_id, user_id, permission_group_id, permission_id, permission_value, permission_value_int)
                (3, 0, 'conversation', 'uploadAttachment', 'allow', 0),
                (4, 0, 'conversation', 'uploadAttachment', 'allow', 0)


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Any method of running a query is valid. executeUpgradeQuery is only for silencing certain types of errors that would otherwise stop the execution. That does not apply to this query.

You have a very particular use case which isn't one we're targeting (indeed, we're not targeting any extensions of the upgrade system), so you may need to consider a different approach, such as hooking into the query execution itself.

Chris D

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Especially seeing as the majority of the 2.x stuff will now be using the Schema Manager to execute queries rather than that method, or directly on the database adapter.