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Well this is a project myself and another member here @DE Vexel have started, I created the style specifically for this project, eventually I may release an iteration of it for purchase here on xenforo. I'll add a quick summary for the site in a quote so it doesn't take up so much space.

All feedback is welcome, would like to improve the site before it is officially launched. Yes we currently do not have much content, we will be adding some with in the next few days.

Also thank you @Steve F, for the input on the style.

Welcome to EvokePixel, A Design and Media Hub for all.

Our mission is to bring together artists from all walks of life and all mediums and skill level. Be it creating signatures, large art, digital paintings, photography, web designing, video production, 3d modeling, composing music etc. Evoke Pixel wishes to not only be a hub for moderate to seasoned artists but a place to learn for the fresh faces whom wish to participate in this artistic world.

Our community is not just a place to talk about your work, it is a place that allows you to feature your art in front of many other artists and receive critique and suggestions.


Graphic Design

Web Design

Video Production


Music Composition

3D Design

Game Design

Fashion Design


we welcome you all.

Our intention is as such, art communities have shifted over to Collectives or groups that you must be invited to or accepted into and as such, communities geared towards teaching and learning as well as presenting work and having a good time have started to dwindle or are no longer in existence.

We wish to bring this mentality back.

Evoke Pixel will not only offer a place for all types of artists to display there work and be amongst other like minded individuals but we will also feature resources and tutorials (both video and standard image based) for both beginners to learn and advanced resources for those of us already ahead of the pack.

In addition to this EvokePixel is the home of the EvokePixel team that will be bringing you new xenforo styles.

Current styles include:


Nadulas Gamer


Defiance Light
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Thanks @Carlos, hopefully we can get our resource manager up for resources, and a cart system up for our styles soon.

Also to anyone wondering, I did make an alternate version without the horizontal post bit.


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Just a quick update, we have rebranded the forum from being an Artist congregation site to being our home for Xenforo Styles :) also reworked the main style :)