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XF 1.5 every user has same ip?

Do you have some kind of reverse proxy set up?
How do i check this? Sorry if i act like a noob i dont have the software so long yet.

Edit: i do have this in my config.php
$_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on';
I have no idea what use that would have to force https:

I would take that out. It sounds exactly like the issue you're having
i dont know why i added it i thought it was because it fixed some other issue i removed it and everything loads fine no issues so far so will see how it goes


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If you're not using a reverse proxy, and you would probably know if you were (lol),you wouldn't need that. I'm not even sure what setup would require that.


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This is complete nonsense :)

$_SERVER['HTTPS'] = 'on';
is normally only necessary if the webserver is behind a proxy which does terminate TLS.

In this case, the original IP address is usually forwarded to the backend server as an additional HTTP Request Header.
This could be either X-Forwarded-For, RFC 7239 compliant Forwarded or any other Non-Standard-Header.
You'll have to find out which header is being used and (ideally) configure your webserver acordingly (eg. by using mod_rpaf/mod_remoteip for Apache, ngx_http_realip_module for nginx).