RM 1.2 Errors uploading files...


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Here is the messing we are getting from our associates trying to upload files...

I continue to have a lot of problems getting new versions to upload, it is a very tedious and painful process. I captured a few videos of what happens, maybe that will help the forum software people figure out why it doesn't work for some files. Of the beta 8 uploads, the Linux version went fine, updated in a couple of minutes. The rest were torture. The first video is halfway through my attempts to get the macOS update to upload. I made a second video of further attempts, that eventually works - I know it worked because it gives an incorrect error message, but the update is present afterwards! The 3rd video is trying to update the Windows 32-bit installer, that never claimed to have succeeded but I could eventually see that it had uploaded, despite not saying so. It also had the original comment, even though I changed the comment during the attempts - that sometimes seems to help. The 4th is the Windows 64-bit installer, same fun and games as 32-bit. I really hope this can be fixed, I've been putting up with it but it is too painful to keep doing that. There are about 20 minutes worth of videos and that isn't all the time I spent on something that should have taken a few minutes.

The videos are at