XF 2.2 Error submitting sitemap to

I read this post...

You just need to delete this line:


from Admin Control Panel > XML sitemap generation.

Because it no longer does anything beyond generating the error.
I don't have to uncheck Automatically submit sitemap to search engines ?
You yon't have to, but keeping it enabled is useless if you don't have any ping endpoints except Google (now defunct) and Bing (defunct and ignored by XenForo since ~ 2 years).

Not If you have other search engines to submit to, e.g. Bing.
Bing has shut down its ping endpoint a long time ago already, XenForo just ignores the Bing URL.

If there are no search engines then you could uncheck it,
Yep. Do you know any other relevant search engines that still have a sitemap ping endpoint?
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