Awaiting feedback Error on new conversation alert (Android)


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I was browsing on the default android browser. (Android 4.2.2) I received a floating notification on my screen to alert me that a new conversation message was received. I tapped it to go to the message. Instead of going to the message I was taken to an empty inbox, with a red error message floating, stating that an error had occurred. No further info.


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Normally that simply pops open the menu (if it's displayed). If it's not, it does try to take you to the page in question.

However, I'm a little unclear on what the error was. Ideally, I'd need to know the exact URL you ended up at and the exact error message - a screenshot would be helpful (though obviously it's tough to get now). Any more info would help us understand the report.


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Weird. This time there is no error. Maybe because I have received two messages at the same time but i doubt it. I guess this one is fixed or can be put down as a browser / connection issue.