XF 1.5 New conversation alert

So, while styling I noticed that my new conversation alert that shows up above the inbox navagation link is transparent. :eek: Where can I adjust this thing?


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It isn't strictly a conversation alert, it's a general alert as it's also used when someone quotes your post and such.

In any case, add this to EXTRA.css:

#StackAlerts .stackAlert {
    border-color: @tooltipBackground;

#StackAlerts .stackAlertContent {
    color: @secondaryDarker;
    background-color: @tooltipBackground;
    border-color: @tooltipBackground;
Style it to suit.

Edit: I misread your post.

Style Properties > Header and Navigation > Alert Balloon
I was just coming back to reply "it didn't work" lol
Thanks, the Alert Balloon property worked... I don't remember even seeing that one before.