Permission for admin to react on moderated posts.


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Why do we need this? I will tell you.

1. You see your list with posts to approve.
2. Click on the link to the post in a new window or tab.
3. Read the post.
4. You understand this is a good post.
5. F*ck! You can't react!
6. You go back to the window with the list, and set checkbox to approve.
7. You change again the window.
8. You have to reload the page
9. Finally, you can react to give new users a good feeling to go on with good posts.

Really! So much trouble just for a reaction?

1. permission to react to moderated posts.
2. send an alert with a message like: Admin has reacted to your post, it will be approved in a minute.

It could be more complicated, like sending the alert for reaction after the alert for approval, but I don't need that.
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