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XF 1.4 Error message showing members behind private proxy (denied new thread permissions.)

A member tried to post a new thread on one of my forums and received this message.

You are behind private proxy, and we do not allow private proxy. If you believe this is an error, please send e-mail to us.
I wasn't aware that this software blocked those. I'm not able to find out where (and suspect I don't want to change it anyway.)

He's just moved from AT&T's DSL to their U-Verse package which included an upgrade to a new modem/router. It's the second time I've ran into someone with this issue (or something similar) and I'm at a loss for what to suggest.

It seems like this is a setting coming from the manufacture or from the AT&T installation techs...so I'm thinking it's more on the user end than my end.

Am I alone with this? Anyone else received as similar bug report on your site?
That's not a XenForo message.
Perhaps your host can help.
Hey Brogan,

This is the message I received from our host.

The ip isn't blocked at the server. I'm having one of the data center team check to see if they find blocked in the DC network.

The seventh post of the thread where the users shows the error screen is a XenForo page. if the block was at the server, he'd see a lightspeed erro, not XF.

I know brogan said it wasn't a xenforo error but you should also show him the screen.

As the user can access from locations other than the his router, I'm inclined to also follow that path.
Here's the screen shot of the message being received from our member.


And I thought I could relax a bit today and work on your featured thread add-on... :cool: :D


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Do you have any add-ons installed?

You can search the phrases and templates to try and identify where that phrase is coming from.
Do you have any add-ons installed?
Yes. One being yours. ;)

Before I posted this question I turned them off to make sure there wasn't a conflict coming from those. What strikes me here is his problem started after he upgraded his service but AT&T sends me back here...it sure seems like it's a router issue but urljet says it's a XF issue.
You can search the phrases and templates to try and identify where that phrase is coming from.
I tried that. I will concede the possibility I've missed when I ran the search. It's likely.

I'll do that again and get back here if I'm still lost ... thanks again!


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Based on the screenshot, it is an error being displayed within the XF wrapper, but it is not a message that XF itself contains. It's almost certainly from an add-on.
@Mike @Brogan

Due to google rankings I added an SSL certificate right before this started. You think I'm on the right track now? That's the only ad-on that has been added before this started.
I just spoke to a DOD guy (not that it means anything in today's environment) but SSL certs are giving message boards hell right now according to what he's telling me. It's not limited to just message forums.

I've seen this happen on more than one XF forum. How do I get around it?


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This is very unlikely to be related to SSL, at least not directly. The error is still being triggered by something such as an add-on. I suspect it's an anti-spam one you've installed, for example. You'll need to disable them all and re-enable them one by one to identify the specific cause.


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Hey @TerryP did you ever solve this? i have narrowed it down to possibility of three plugins..

Do you possibly have one or any of these installed?

Country Flags: Im running version 1.3.1
Semprot Deny Country: Im running version 1.1.2
TAC Stop Human Spam Im running version 1.3.3


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The error is probably hard coded in the php files then.

Posting on the respective add-on threads may be your best bet.

Tracy Perry

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I did that and I got zero results.
It's SemProt Deny Country I'm pretty sure
                if (0 == $options->semprotDCRBlank && '' == $x_country) {
                    throw $this->responseException($this->responseError(
                        'You are behind private proxy, and we do not allow private proxy. If you believe this is an error, please send e-mail to us.'
That's in the Register.php file.
It's SemProt Deny Country I'm pretty sure
@FredC Tracy is correct here; at least on what was causing a few of my members issues. Every one was dealing with AT&T though I don't know if that's a "universal cause."

I deleted the add-on and no more issues except for spam coming from one specific country.

Due to work obligations, I haven't had the time to change a few settings ... but, it's my thought if I use the two-step verification on new registrations, then move them to a new user group after a few post that doesn't require the same, I should be OK. Luckily, all these bastids spamming my forum always do so between 3-4 AM ... just when I'm getting home from work so it's not that big of a deal to delete them. I just wanted to avoid the hassle.