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All of a sudden, today, I cannot log into my Admin area. Firefox displays a scary warning about not being secure, but even after bypassing that and logging in it gets error pops up...................... The error message is in the JavaScript console I cannot sign in to the user account or the Admin account without the error box popping up with that error. Nothing's changed that I know of. ??

Any help appreciated.


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Looks to me like something on your server has changed. Looking at your site, I don't think it's processing the form input/query string properly. Can you log into the front end? Post messages?

If you didn't change anything on your server and this suddenly started, you may need to contact your host.

Rusty Snippets

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It's aggravating because of Firefox's new strategy to force everyone to go secure with SSL. It displays lots of warnings in the boxes and forms now.
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Rusty Snippets

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I wanted to update this thread.......................... I don't know what my shared hosting provider changed on the server, but I corrected the problem when I took the php.ini reference out of ny .htaccess file.

<IfModule mod_suphp.c>

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/******/public_html


After removing that, it went back to working fine. I've been using that for over 3 months with no problems.