Error after transferred my XF forum to new server

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So I have transferred my XF forum v.1.1.2 by copying all files and the database (.sql - using myPhpAdmin export/import) to my new server, and updated /library/config.sys to new database name/password & CHMOD folders /data and /internal_data to [0777] (as per instructions from Brogan here:

When I goto my forum URL in a browser, I get this:
The board is currently being upgraded. Please check back later.
When I try to log in as admin, I get this:
The board is currently waiting to be upgraded. Please complete the upgrade.
then after clicking the link (http://___/forum/install/index.php) I get this:
Upgrade System Click the button below to begin the upgrade to 1.1.2.
Its then goes on and says this:
then finally end in this error, after rebuilding various things like templates etc.
Uh oh! The upgrade did not complete successfully. Please try again.
I'm keen to get more information about what has failed, is there a way to make XF more verbose, and display the error? Or perhaps someone can see a key step I missed? The two servers are apache running cpanel, with different IP's. cheers, steve.
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