Error after posting - Type a valid message

Marco Famà

Active member
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it myself cause I don't own a Mac :-/

The error message simply states that
"Error - Please type a valid message"
so no more hints from XenForo's backend as well...

Sorry for not providing you with more info but this is all I have..

Marco Famà

Active member
Thanks for this Jake
The user now says that... he can do it withour encountering the error. :-/

Glad it is solved! Thanks for your time in testing..

Marco Famà

Active member
hey graham,
thanks for your interest and time.

However, I don't even know what this skimlinks is, and searching for this word from the Admin Panel doesn't help retrieving any results. Is it something embedded into my theme skin and I don't know it? :oops: