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XF 2.0 Error activating utf8mb4


When I perform an update of Xenforo 1.5 to 2.0, I am unable to activate utf8mb4_general_ci, performing all the steps. When I try to send a message that only contains emojis, appear the error "Please enter a valid message"

However, if I perform a clean installation, utf8mb4_general_ci this installs automatically and works correctly.

Here are some screenshots of the process for if you are relevant. Obviously the fullUnicode line is added to config.php

When i check the collation of the tables in the structure, appears utf8mb4_general_ci





XenForo developer
Staff member
Are you 100% positive that you added the fullUnicode line to the src/config.php file? (Not library/config.php)

Since the emojis are being stripped out, that would indicate that the line isn't present. When you do a clean install, we add this to the config.php file automatically. This all seems point to the value not being seen in the config file.
No comment... I feel like a dumb

This happens by not reading the instructions COMPLETELY



Now, the problems is solved, Thanks!