Erroneous spam clean recovery

Tom McIntyre

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We are attempting to get our moderators more involved in managing the forum and were teaching them how to spam clean.

One of the moderators had a reported post by a spammer and accidentally cleaned the reporters account rather than the spammer account. I recovered the account, but all of the posts are gone for that account.

Is there a standard process for restoring the threads and posts associated with a particular account? We have daily backups and are hosted on KnownHost with backup service.
If the posts were permanently deleted, a full restore would be required.
Moderators shouldn't have the ability to hard delete posts, only admins should have the ability. When spam cleaned they should only be soft deleted so check user group permissions under forum moderator permissions.

hard delete any post
hard delete any thread
I have hard delete set to never for moderators and now to no for admins also. Our moderators manage prefixes in their own area and have admin access to the AdminCP for that purpose.

I was surprised that the content all disappeared but I need to find out which spam clean entry point he used.

Any advice on how to restore data for a single user without losing the content that has been added since the backup?
If the posts are only soft deleted then a restore isn't necessary.

Just undelete the posts and move the original threads back if you have it configured to move them to a spam cleaned forum.

Partial restores are not possible without a lot of custom queries and manual uploading of attachments.
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