Enterprise SSO Options for XenForo

Steven Scott

New member

My organization is considering xenForo as our forums solution. As such, I am charged with evaluating whether and how we can enable our users to SSO from our extranet to xenForo forums. I do not see much documenation on this on this topic. My question is, does xenForo have an API (OpenID, SAML, OAuth, etc.) for SSO, and where can I find documentation on how to do it?


Sadik B

Well-known member
If I may add, Xenforo's user management system is extremely streamlined and very easy to extend and connect to other system. Any decent developer who understands MVC should be able to sso with Xenforo. There is also a developer who has developed a bridge of Xenforo with Wordpress. He should also be able to to help you with connecting to XF.