Enter choices for drop downs (custom fields) in the front-end


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I have a forum-node and there people can create threads. But I force people to use custom thread fields. In particularly drop down selections (single or multiple).

The problem is, that it is impossible for me to populate drop downs perfectly before the user can use it. It would be awesome if the users could submit choices for those.

Imagine a custom thread field drop down called "cities". So, I entered in ACP 50 city names.
The user goes to the node, creates a thread, and has to use this drop down. But in the drop down among 50 cities, his city is not there. What should he do now?

There is no indication or notice what he should do now as a user. Let's say he is smart and picks "other". But then he has to tell me what "other" means in this case. But there is no notice, so what if he doesn't say? Let's say he did what he meant.

So I go to ACP and manually add the new choice so he can pick that in the drop down.
Now imagine doing this for tens of fields everytime something new comes. There are so many cities, it is impossible for me to enter all of them before.
And even if I did, it is bad, because I would have hundreds of unused choices sitting there. So the system shouldn't have redundant choices, only those which were used before. And it should only grow by time by adding new choices considering what the users wanted to have added in there.

So, it would be nice if we could enter choices (or submit choices into moderation) from the front-end.

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