Enhanced Search: Search Threads


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Where do you access the settings for Enhanced Search in the admin panel?

Our members are requesting the ability to Search Thread, like they had before with VB/Sphinx/Digital Point.

I tried looking around, but didn't see many settings, figured "enhanced" meant there would be a plethora of settings. :)

We are loving the software for the most part so far, just need to get through these import issues and learning curves.

Thank you.

Chris D

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If you've set up Enhanced Search and it is working, then you've likely seen all the settings there is.

When you say "Search Thread" do you mean the ability to search for posts within a thread? If so, you can do that out of the box (even with standard MySQL search). While viewing a thread you click "Search" click "Everywhere" and select "This thread".


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Here are the only options I see, shall I assume this means it has not been setup yet?