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Are there currently any extensions available that add a layer of encryption or protection to the Xenforo platform? I was hoping I could add some sort of extra layer of security to the messaging system (for user to user communications).

Anything like this available?

I searched a little and couldn't find anything...

Thank you.


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No it doesn't exist, would need custom development. Sounds interesting though, but it'd swing the balance from "users wondering if they trust the admin", to "admin wondering if they trust the users" I think.

Encryption could be done easily with PGP, storing their public key on their account page.

The tricky part would be decryption. Logically, the number one person the users are seeking privacy from is whoever is controlling the server. So for this reason, they can't trust anything the server provides to decrypt the text. And to do it themselves is a little awkward (they have to copy and paste it to an external decrypter).

So it would mean they have to accept that inconvenience for the benefit of privacy. For this reason, I think most users just take conversations they want to be private off-site.