Encourage users to social share a thread after creating it


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Whenever you purchase an item on Amazon, on the purchase confirmation screen it encourages you to share your purchase on social media.

I think it would be cool if after you create a new thread, the user gets presented with a well designed notice above the OP encouraging users to share this new thread on various social networks/messaging services/email etc.

Instead of just leaving the user re-reading their new post twiddling their thumbs waiting for people to come across it in the news feed, lets encourage them to use all the social media tools we have at our disposal to get word out about this new content that has just been posted.

On some sites I would find this very useful as it would prompt me to share the thread in various facebook groups, a company page, perhaps tweet it out adding hashtags or What'sApp it directly to a friend or group chat to help increase discoverability and drive external activity to that new thread as fast as possible



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This is an excellent idea which would increase activity and draw new users to the site.


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The option is available in this xenForo release to share a post...


All it would need is a phrase to the side of it to easily identify it's function


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Whenever you purchase an item on Amazon, on the purchase confirmation screen
There is no confirmation screen for posts so it's not directly comparable.

I definitely wouldn't want to be prompted to share content with some sort of notice/overlay every time I made a post either.

Once members know where the new share icon is then they are free to share if they wish, or not, as the case may be.


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It might not be suitable for all forums, for example bug reports and similar.

So giving it node permission might be a good idea.

I think the flow of actually presenting the user with the option of sharing would mean sharing is actioned far more frequently.