XF 1.5 Enabling sign-in with Google breaks layout of login form

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I'm running a forum with a modified version of the (now unsupported) Flexile theme. This has worked fine up until recently when I enabled signing in with google and suddenly the layout of the login form itself has been broken by the new button. Example:


The login form still looks fine with the default theme, so I'm confident that this is a theme-specific issue, but when comparing the current theme with the default one I am struggling to find any differences between their implementations of the login form templates.

Any ideas of where the problem might be?


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The style/resource may be unsupported by the author, but the thread is still open and support related to third party add-ons and styles must be posted in the dedicated thread.

I would actually recommend upgrading to a newer style rather than continuing to use one which is so out of date.
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