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Enable/Disable Notable Members 1.0.0

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Matthew Hawley

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Matthew Hawley submitted a new resource:

Enable/Disable Notable Members - Does what it says on the tin.

What this addon does
This addon allows you to enable/disable the notable members page. Also, if the notable members page is turned off then the "Members" navigation link will direct to the members list.

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How to install:
This addon can be installed using Chris Deeming's Addon Installer


Upload files to root folder
Install the XML

Thanks goes to @Chris Deeming for helping with the link change....

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Is there a way to have in the Members tab at the same time Notable Members and Registered Members?


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Admin CP -> Options -> User Options -> tick 'Enable Members' List'
How simple it was I still need to explore and discover a lot in Admin :) Is there any way to list them in different order? Now it is alphabetically, but I want to see first the newest members.


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@Andrej thanks for that. I was more interested in one click options, which will allow me and other users to sort members just in one click without touching the code (obviously you need to change the code to have this feature) :) But thanks anyway ;)


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I installed the plug in and it is listed successfully in the plug in list, but the notable member list is still visible, with or without the 'Enable member's list' ticked and with or without the actual plugin enabled. I must be missing something.