Embedding and linking


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We are going to make the switch from vb to xenforo in the next month or so. One of our users is asking whether xenforo will allow him to" link to other video sites (Vine!) other than youtube, or have the ability to embed tweets."

Currently our vb setup allows users to embed youtube, soundcloud, and vimeo in posts. Can all this be done in xenforo? How about vine and tweets?



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By default, you can see what can be embedded here. But it includes:
Dailymotion, Facebook, Liveleak, Metacafe, Vimeo, and YouTube

It really is just a matter of posting links to the videos to create the necessary embeds. However, the system is completely expandable (some sites require more work / add-ons) and have tweets embeddable on my personal site.


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Can I see what a twitter embed looks like on your site (or someone elses')? Can you post an URL?

Also, how much trouble would it be to embed Vine?