XF 1.3 Email Users help - stuck at "Connecting..." in browser & questions


My forum has a small community of users that I would like to send email to, and I've done this in the past on a previous web host using XF 1.2.2 and encountered no problems. However, after recently switching web hosts, I'm unfortunately no longer able to make use of the "Email Users" admin facility. Although this would seem to indicate a problem with the host I'm not sure exactly what to tell them.

If I try to send an email to the users I want, around 1600 in total, the process will simply get stuck after clicking the "Send Email" button and the browser (Firefox) will constantly sit in a "Waiting for forum.mydomain.com..." state. I've tried leaving it overnight to see if any progress is made but none occurs.

The "Send Test Email" button does work, though with a noticeable delay of around 15-20 seconds. On the old host it was fairly instant.

In the board's email settings, I have tried using both default PHP and the specific SMTP server suggested by the host, but the problem still occurs.

My server logs indicate there is a generic 500 server error happening but nothing specific:
#.#.#.# - - [03/Apr/2014:13:49:37 -0500] "POST /admin.php?users/email-send HTTP/1.1" 500 296 "http://forum.mydomain.com/admin.php?users/email" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:28.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/28.0"
Couple of questions, then:
1) I already know from working through the update to 1.3 that the hosts have the PHP functions show_source and allow_url_fopen disabled. They are not willing to lift these restrictions. Could this affect XF's email users function?

2) Assuming I can get this working again with the help of folks here, my host also has a limit of sending 500 emails per hour. Does that mean I would need to send batches of emails across four hours for my users?

3) Should I try backing up and freshly installing XF? In transferring to the new host, I didn't cleanly install, rather I simply copied the files, adjusted the database settings in the "library/config.php", and imported the old mySQL data. Everything except emails have been working fine since.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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The "Send Test Email" button does work, though with a noticeable delay of around 15-20 seconds. On the old host it was fairly instant.
That's really the fundamental issue here. This is specific to your host -- it won't really be related to your XenForo install. The default setup really should be instant. If it's not, them I'm not sure what you're host is doing -- perhaps they've not returning until the email is actually sent, which isn't a great idea. It may be worth considering a different host if they don't have a decent workaround or using a third-party email provider.


Thanks for the reply - I hoped it would be otherwise, but yes, suspected as much.

I've contacted the host in question but they haven't been able to provide much assistance, so it seems the only option that will likely fix this is to seek out another host with better XF support.