XF 1.3 Hosting advice - shared host email limits and XF's Email Users

I posted this thread a short while back about a problem I was having with emailing users, and understand that I need to find a different webhost. I wanted to ask something to better understand what I should be looking for as I try to find a decent host for my XF.

I have around 1700 forum users in good standing that I want to email using the Email Users. Most shared hosting providers I've enquired at have an hourly limit on the number of emails sent (varying between 200 and 500).

This feels like a bit of a newbie question, but how does XF manage a bulk email like this? Would it, for example, include 10 addresses per email with BCC (or some similar thing)? If so, in terms of the limit, would that mean one email sent, or ten?

I'm just trying to understand what hosting package I can work within, and I appreciate different hosts may work in different ways. It seems excessive to me that I should be needed to consider VPS hosting with higher resource limits for what otherwise appears a really quite simple newsletter, but perhaps I have unrealistic expectations of what shared hosting can do for me.

Alternatively, is there any way to automatically throttle the Email Users function so that it only sends a set number of mails per hour?

Apologies if this is in the wrong section here and thanks for any help.


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It's an individual email per recipient.

You could consider using an external newsletter function, such as Mailchimp.
Fair enough. I had skimmed Mailchimp previously and didn't notice that it offers XF integration, which might cover what I'm after. I'll check it out more thoroughly - thanks!