XF 1.4 Email Styling

Hi All, I have recently moved my vbulletin forum over xenforo. I was just wondering how do we customize the style of emails we send out?

I used a theme for the forum, but when registration and other emails are sent out, what is the best way to customize the look and feel of the emails and add your logo to them?



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Is there a resource or anything that describes how to use email template modifications? I too would like to modify the templates but always thought they would get overwritten during upgrades and didn't want to bother :)


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I thought I would ask this here instead of creating another thread.

Where can I change the styling for these elements in the e-mails?

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 02.08.25.jpg

I've removed all the styling to everything else in the e-mail templates, but I can't find these elements anywhere.

Thanks :)


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I have the same problem like @RichardKYA (have you solved it yet?)

It seems like if there is a quoted text inside a thread reply eMail, that the eMail template placeholder "{xen:raw $reply.messageHtml}" (for example) does not use the current selected Style CSS from the frontend but the default style only. I was able to completely adapt the eMails via template mods to my design but this is the bottleneck.

Is there any chance to tweak this? And if yes, where do I have to look?