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Email service of preference

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Saeed, May 7, 2011.


What is your favourite / preferred email service?

  1. Gmail

  2. Hotmail

  3. Yahoo!

  4. Personal email server and domain

  1. Saeed

    Saeed Well-Known Member

    Given that most of us here in the community are administrators, webmasters, moderators etc, we probably deal with a volume of email that is above what the average web surfer is ever exposed to. So I was just interested in knowing what you guys use as your favourite email service. :) I know, we'd all have our own preferences according to our personalized needs, but I thought it would be interesting nevertheless to know what is most liked / used anyway. :)

    I personally have never looked back since I started using Gmail back in 2004. Reason - well, it's simple, fast and logical. And not just now, but since I ever remember. I use it extensively with labels and filters which do make my life much easier. (y)

    I started off with Hotmail, but now only use it for Windows Live Messenger.

    I started using a Yahoo! account as a "registration account", where all the spam could be diverted, but I must admit that Yahoo! has improved incredibly lately. Yahoo! would probably be my go-to-guy if I ever broke up with Gmail.

    So, what do you guys use? Any tip you'd like to share which you think makes reading / writing email easier for you?

    Oh, just in case I should add another option to the poll, please let me know. :)

    Please note that this is not a thread to decide which service is the best, just to know which do you guys prefer.
  2. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    I've always used Yahoo! I have tried both gmail and hotmail, and liked neither of them.

    Yahoo is easy, the spam filter is great, plus I get local news, weather, etc right there as well.
    Love it.

    EDIT: Of course this is only for webmail. I actually prefer my isp's email, and use my domain's email for that site.
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  3. dieketzer

    dieketzer Well-Known Member

    gmx has killed them all for 10+ years
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  4. Saeed

    Saeed Well-Known Member

    I must say that I've heard about it for the very first time. Care to share what features does it have that makes it better than the others, in your opinion. I'm just curious. :)
  5. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    I've never heard of this.
  6. dieketzer

    dieketzer Well-Known Member

    well, it supported pop3 ten years ago, which was pretty unheard of.
    its always had an advanced web ui making it easy to search, organise, etc. great spam protection and a regular spam report mail you can look over to see if any needed emails were sent to the spam bin.
    tbh i havent used the ui much. i access it via imap, which the entire reason i use gmx. it allowed for that sort of thing long before gmail (or google for that matter) even existed.

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  7. SilverCircle

    SilverCircle Well-Known Member

    It's a service mostly popular in German speaking countries.

    Forget about it, it's web interface has been a horrible, overloaded and bloated disaster for many years - maybe they did improve in recent years, but I've long stopped to care.

    It doesn't have more features than GMail, Yahoo or Windows Live.

    I stopped using GMX in 2004 when GMail appeared and now it's GMail all the way for me.
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  8. Saeed

    Saeed Well-Known Member

    I see. Thank you for sharing, diektzer. I'm assuming it's in German, or do they have an English version too? :)
  9. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    I use Google Apps to use my domains with Gmail.

    I used Yahoo (which is a joke if your account is ever compromised), and Hotmail (which tends to be the least secure of the 3) and Gmail is honestly my favorite one thus far.
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  10. Saeed

    Saeed Well-Known Member

    You didn't have your Yahoo! account compromised, did you Forsaken? Was it the experience with support staff which was bad?
  11. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    A hacker group that found the email social engineered phone support for Yahoo, and they managed to get into my account. It took me about 3 weeks of arguing with support to finally gain access back (They had added account security since I made my account and never -required- you to fill it out, making it so that I wasn't able to gain my account back that way).

    This was about 2 years ago, but I had already stopped using their email by then (Only had my Namecheap on it and as soon as I found out I alerted them to lock my domains).
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  12. Saeed

    Saeed Well-Known Member

    I can't even begin to think what'd happen if I lost access to my account. But thank you for sharing. :)
  13. dieketzer

    dieketzer Well-Known Member

    the english version is http://www.gmx.co.uk/
    i dont know if it uses the same ui and whatnot.
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  14. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Google Gmail for the win.
    I hate yahoo and dislike hotmail
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  15. Saeed

    Saeed Well-Known Member

    I find it interesting that Hotmail doesn't seem to be a favourite with anyone so far.
  16. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    Its outdated and about twice last year there were major exploit relating to the hotmail service (also MSN/Live logins for MSN Live).
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  17. T3G Silas

    T3G Silas Active Member

    I can't stand using anything but gmail.
    Hotmail is seriously outdated, cluttered, and just plain ugly. I feel the same way about MSN.
    Yahoo I never liked. I disagree about the spam filter, when I used it, it was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.
    AOL lost years ago.
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  18. Shamil

    Shamil Well-Known Member

    The GMail ads are way too intrusive for my liking. I'm sticking to my good old Exchange server + domain.
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  19. steven s

    steven s Well-Known Member

    Doesn't anyone use their own server for email anymore?
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  20. Shamil

    Shamil Well-Known Member

    Look at the post above you.

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