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I use AWS SES for sending emails from my site. AWS allows 14 emails/second. Is there a way in XF to ensure that I am not trying to send emails faster than what is allowed by AWS?
Thanks @StarArmy I guess that is what I was asking. Is there some kind of email queuing system built into the software?

I mean, how do the HUGE Xenforo sites manage it?
I sent out 500k-600K emails monthly and I use a separate and standalone mail server using
I think perhaps I did not explain myself.

I am using AWS SES for email, my question is how does XenForo send emails (newsletters, etc) that will go out in bulk? Does the forum software try to send them all at once, or is it staggered?
Emails are queued in the xf_mail_queue table and handed off to the server.

There isn't a defined rate or cap - XF will just process the queue until it is empty.
I mean, how do the HUGE Xenforo sites manage it?
We use our own mailservers. While it is possible (to some degree) to handle queuing in the application, I think this isn't the best place to do this- queuing mail for delivery should be the job of a MTA.

If you run a VPS I'd sugggest to install a local MTA (like Postfix) to relay via your SMTP (=AWS), this does give you a a lot of flexibility and IMHO is a pretty reliable solution.

If this is not possible or you do not want to take this route Add-ons like might help.
Suggestion..... I contacted Amazon SES and requested a move from 14 per second to 50 per second which they granted. Honestly... that should be MORE than enough to cover any SMTP connections that XF uses to send email with.
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